Are you a logo designer or want to become one? Or you a business owner who wants to develop your brand identity by creating a unique logo?

If so, you have come to the right place!

At Kwala design, we believe that a great logo has the ability to enable your brand to stand out from the crowd and will be able to be identified instantly. We are in the digital era and the competition is quickly increasing. In times like these, if you wish to stand out from your competitors, you need to put in the effort to create the perfect, meaningful logo for your brand.

Creating the perfect logo will take time — and a lot of it! We have listed several points below to help you on your way.


1.Express yourself

Before you start designing or begin working with a logo designer, make sure to define your goals, preferences, company culture, and any quirks that make you and your brand unique. Your logo should tell your story in an authentic way, through the color choices, fonts, and overall design.


2. Start on paper

Many people, including some designers, will consider this a very old fashioned technique but trust us when we say, in our experience; putting pen to paper is the wisest choice that a designer can make.

You need to start sketching whatever that is in your mind and draw out, again and again. Once you start drafting, you will see a great number of improvements and new ideas rushing to surface every time you draw a new design. This process will help you flesh out your ideas with minimal initial effort.


3. Think outside the box

You need to make sure that you try many different things to find a design that really resonates well with you and your target audience. You must think outside the box. If you work with Kwala to do your logo, you will see how differently we work. We are always eager to try out new things and we want to make sure that every logo that we design is unique and speaks volumes for the brand it represents.


4. Simplicity is the key

Not many people agree but trust us when we say, simplicity is the key to your brand being easily recognized.. You need to keep your logo as minimal as it can be. Play with fonts, experiment with color schemes, and test multiple logo types and layouts.


5. It should resonate with your audience

One of the most essential things to keep in mind is your audience. Your target audience must be able to relate to and easily identify your logo. Whether you choose simple fonts or symbols, your target audience should not have trouble reading or understanding it. Make sure you go for something that can be understood by everyone you are targeting.



Consider these points when you think about designing a logo. Make sure that you incorporate all of these parts in your design process.

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