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Could you guarantee that your mail stands out? We can!

A postcard is less intimidating than a letter in an envelope, so donors are more likely to pick it up out of the pile and read it. With Kwala, you can take advantage of this opportunity to make an impact.

Kwala is an unlimited graphic design company formed to give mission-driven organizations the freedom, options and cost-effectiveness that you need for your marketing strategy. T-shirt design is just one of the many services we offer through our monthly graphic design services, and they could be the start of a new supporter engagement boom.

Why bother with postcards in the digital age?

Print advertisement may have seen a reduction in popularity in the digital age, but it is still an incredibly important marketing tool for all cause-driven organizations.

You can’t physically get in front of a potential donor through their email inbox or on social media. But when you send a postcard, you know that your audience will have it in their hand.

Get to know your new graphic designer at Kwala

To ensure that your print advertisements are exactly as you imagine, it’s important that you establish a rapport with your graphic designer. We will match your desires and preferences for your graphic designs with a graphic designer who has expertise in this particular area of mission-driven work.

Attracting and catching the eye in the ever-increasingly digital world with print is difficult, but it’s something our graphic designers will take advantage of by working together toward the ultimate design. Find out more about our postcard designs at Kwala by speaking with our team today.

"We were worried that our direct mail was getting ignored by our donors, so we worked with Kwala to redesign our postcards. We saw an immediate spike in donations from people who hadn't given in years!"

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