Share your mission far and wide!

What’s informative, engaging, and fits in your pocket? A flyer!

The easy tri-fold format of a flyer is perfect for sending through the mail, handing out at events, or even displaying in your main offices. However you use them, your flyers are guaranteed to make an impact.

Kwala creates beautiful brochures and flyers for nonprofits

Kwala is an unlimited graphic design company formed to give mission-driven organizations the freedom, options, and cost-effectiveness that they need for their marketing strategy. Flyer design is just one of the many services we offer through our monthly graphic design services, and they can help you educate more people about your cause.

Why are flyers a great way to boost your engagement?

You know that few supporters will read a lengthy letter, but your logo and name alone can’t convey all the information you need to share about your mission. Flyers deliver the best of both worlds! Long enough to get your donors and advocates excited but short enough to be easily digestible, flyers are the perfect tool to drum up support in your community.

Whether you are choosing to deliver them door to door or venturing into the city to hand them out to passersby, flyers are a simple and effective way of increasing the capture and potential reach of your organization’s mission.

Why choose Kwala for your flyers?

No matter how many different flyers you want to produce, you will be matched with a professional graphic designer that has experience with nonprofit branding. Our designers understand the unique needs of nonprofits, so your flyers are guaranteed to be both eye-catching and effective.

To find a graphic designer for your needs at Kwala Design, speak with us today.

“Kwala is the best design service for community organizations, hands down. We needed a brochure for our library's fundraising event, and our Kwala designer was able to make us something that really spoke to our organization. You couldn't find a better team for charity organizations."

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