Nonprofit Graphic Design Services

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Nonprofit Event Materials

Whether you’re planning a charity run or a gala, you’re going to need materials for the event. Kwala can help you with everything from custom banners and table runners to event invitations and tickets.

Nonprofit Flyers

Flyers provide a more in-depth and detailed description of your cause. Send them in the mail, hand them out at an event, or display them in your nonprofit’s office spaces!

Nonprofit Logos

Kwala can help you design your nonprofit logo

Your nonprofit’s logo is one of the most recognizable symbols of your cause and your work. Every choice, from line work to color palette, should be intentional. Our expert graphic designers can help you create an eye-catching, effective logo that your nonprofit will be proud to display.

Nonprofit Postcards

Standard letters can get lost in the pile of mail on your donor’s kitchen table. Get your nonprofit’s message across with fewer words and visual interest using a postcard.

Nonprofit T-Shirts

Kwala is the best choice for nonprofit t-shirt design

Your organization should take any opportunity to spread the word about your cause. What better way than having supporters and staff wear custom t-shirts?

Fundraising Letters

How do you stand out from the rest of the mail that your potential donors receive every day? Use our custom designed fundraising letters to make sure your donors read your compelling message.

“Kwala is a great graphic design service! You get a dedicated graphic designer to work with solely. I like this because synergy between us and the designer is built over time. There has yet to be a design that we needed that our designer couldn’t accomplish. I highly recommend Kwala if you’re looking for a flat monthly fee graphic design service.”

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