Make a long-lasting first impression!

How do you ensure your advocates keep your organization in mind after your latest event or campaign?

Stickers stick around for a while! Whether on a water bottle, a notebook, a car, or anywhere else, a sticker will continue to remind your supporters of your cause long after they received the sticker.

Kwala is an unlimited graphic design company formed to give mission-driven organizations the freedom, options and cost-effectiveness that you need for your marketing strategy. T-shirt design is just one of the many services we offer through our monthly graphic design services, and they could be the start of a new supporter engagement boom.

Stickers can be a cost-effective game-changer for your organization!

Of all the items of promotional merchandise your organization could produce, stickers are some of the most cost effective! That means you get to dedicate your funds to your mission while providing a fun, lasting item to your donors.

Collaborate with Kwala designers to create your perfect sticker

Stickers aren’t very big. That means you need to convey an important message in barely any space at all, while making sure you can still see all the words and details of the design!

Our designers are experienced in designing concepts at all different scales. With our design guidance, your organization can rest assured that your message will come across with impact.

"I've been working at the student literacy center for years, and I've never had so many students proud to put our stickers all over their stuff! The designers at Kwala went above and beyond."

Kayley C.☆☆☆☆☆

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