Yard Signs

Provide an easy, quick way for supporters to spread the word!

Instead of paying for a billboard, let your supporters do the work in their own yards.

A yard sign is inexpensive, easy to transport, and a no-brainer to set up. That means your supporters will have no problem advertising your cause across the community.

Kwala is an unlimited graphic design company formed to give mission-driven organizations the freedom, options, and cost-effectiveness that they need for their marketing strategy. Yard sign design is just one of the many services we offer through our monthly graphic design services, and it can help you show local support for your cause.

Why choose yard signs to advertise your organization’s mission?

Your supporters clearly care about you. That’s why they show up to volunteer, donate, and tell their friends about your organization.

Help your supporters take their passion to the next level. A yard sign is lightweight, easy to assemble, and visually engaging. Donors will feel proud to display it, and everyone who passes by now knows there’s someone who cares in that house!

Kwala is your go-to design service for yard signs

Whether you’re a school, a religious organization, a political campaign, a nonprofit, or any other cause-driven organization, you need to spread the word about your mission. But simple logo recognition isn’t enough for a mission-driven group like yours. You also need to convey the passionate support behind your organization!

A yard sign gives your supporters a high-visibility outlet to share your mission, so take advantage of Kwala’s years of nonprofit design experience. Our designers know how to share not just your logo but also the heart behind it.

"The designers at Kwala understand how to get the community excited about our organization. Our yard signs are bright and colorful, and they capture the essence of our organization perfectly."

Anna K.☆☆☆☆☆

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