Subscription graphic design — what is it?

If you been searching for graphic design services, or looking for ways to cut your business’s expenses, then you have likely heard about subscription design firms.

A subscription design firm, often known as an unlimited graphic design service, offers a wide array of design services on a month-to-month payment plan.

This means the more you can use the service, the more value you will get out of it, since you are paying by the month and not by the project or hour.

Is a subscription graphic design service right for you? Maybe!

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons, to see who will get the most out of these services.



Simple Payment Plans

Unlike hiring a designer and paying by the project or by the hour, subscription design services guarantee that you will never pay more than a flat monthly fee! This means that you will likely save $1,500 per month over a standard designer’s rates.

Dedicated Designer

Most unlimited design services allow you to work with one designer. We do this here at Kwala! Working with a dedicated designer gives both you and your designer an opportunity to learn how each other works and communicates, creating stronger long-term relationships.

Unlimited Projects

This is probably the number one perk — unlimited designs! Subscription services give you the freedom to queue up all the design work you need done, without paying a dollar more.

Unlimited Revisions

Much like the unlimited designs perk, subscription graphic design companies focus on providing service… not counting hours. This means that you can revise and revise as much or as little as you want until the designs are exactly the way you would like them to be!


Designed For Heavy Users

Since users are paying a flat monthly fee, subscription design services may not be the best choice for light-weight users who only need 1-2 small projects each month (i.e. – social media graphics).

Limited Services

Another downside is that you will likely find these companies offering only graphic design. If you want a full media package that includes web design or video production, you may need to find another solution.


Now that you understand the ups and downs of these services, you can ask yourself… “Is it right for me?”

Consider how many design tasks you need done every month. Is it 1-2, or more like 4+? Do you like to connect with one designer who will learn your style, or do you prefer to source multiple creatives to have a wider variety of design influences.

If you tend to need 3-4 projects (or more) each month, and like to work with a dedicated designer who will learn your what you want, then a subscription design service may be the right choice.

Take some time to review a few services to figure what each one has to offer (and at what price point). Here are a few options to get you started.

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