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Getting your business seen is not as easy as it may seem from the outset. You will have a plan of action to market your business to the right people. One simple way of outreach that is often overlooked is business cards. Think they are out of style? Think again!

Right now people are inundated with email, social media requests, and advertisements online, so what better way to connect than with a physical paper card.


Here are a few tips to get the most out of your business card.

Choose content carefully

You may want to add dozens of ways that people can contact you — phone numbers, fax numbers, emails, social media, mailing address, etc. Don’t do this! Choose just the easiest 2-3 methods of contact and make sure your name and service offerings are listed. When it comes to business cards, less is more.


Have your cards professionally printed

Nothing will turn people off more than a poorly designed or poorly printed card. Just because you can save a few dollars printing your business cards on cheap paper at your office doesn’t mean that you should. When you hand out a business card, people should be impressed enough with the card to keep it until they need your services. Don’t skimp on printing. Give them a reason to keep your card for a long time.


Keep them with you

Last, but not least — keep your cards with you. You should allows carry at least a couple, incase you meet an ideal customer or client while out shopping! Leaving them at the office won’t benefit you in any way.


At Kwala we are a leader in providing of graphic design services for business cards to suit your specific needs. We have worked with a dozens of small businesses and non-profits to produce high-quality, effective cards designs.

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