Wondering if business cards are still relevant today?

Even with so much business going digital, business cards are still an important tool that everyone should be equipped with.

Statistics show that for every 2000 business cards you hand out, you will see a business increase of 2.5%.

Doesn’t sound like it’s worth the effort? Better think again. If your business is doing $100,000 annually, 2.5% on $100,000 is $2500. Since you’ll spend well under $100 for the cards, this is a pretty considerable return.

Aside from statistics, using business cards is also a common-sense way to get in line for future referrals. Every time you meet someone in person, you may be one business card away from a new client or referral.

So, while business cards may seem like a thing of the past, they’re still relevant and useful in today’s digital culture. Your card does make an impression. But how can you be sure it’s making the right impression?


What makes a good business card?

Nearly 40% of people say they won’t do business with you if your card looks cheap. So, it’s important to give it the time, thought, and design effort needed to make it really catch some attention.

Here are some tips to help you make your business card more effective!

1. Include all your basic information

Don’t leave prospective clients searching online for your phone number. Make your card as convenient as possible with all of your basic information, including several ways to connect with you.

2. Get a professional design

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but hiring a designer who can make your business card match your brand will give you a serious edge over all those VistaPrint templates that we’ve seen a hundred times.

3. Choose a high-quality paper stock

Using a high-quality paper stock may cost a little more, but it will also make an immediate impression when handing out your cards. A quality paper stock tells people that your cards are not an afterthought, and that you are giving them something of value. Check out Moo for a selection of quality stock options!

4. Put your card to work

Your business card can have more than just you contact info. It can also be a great opportunity to lead people to take action. Include a link on your card for a free ebook download, a client testimonial, or even a QR code to a free seminar. Your business card should be working for you long after you hand it out!



So, there you go! Business cards are still relevant today and should not be forgotten. Take some time to think about your ideal clientele and what will be most impactful in a card design.

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