What makes a logo great? And what characteristics can you expect to find in the brightest and best designs?

An effective logo is an invaluable part of your business, and there are actually just five basic elements of logo design that can help you determine whether yours is really working for your business.

Make it Unique

Your logo will play a major role in brand recognition. It needs to be memorable and different from what your competitors are using. For example, if you are a winery you don’t necessarily have to go with a wine barrel or a grape vine for your logo. Give your audience a lasting first impression and a reason to remember you.

Make it Simple

A simple design that you can see and recognize in an instant is the key to a memorable logo. Small or intricate lines, color gradients, or even too much text can be confusing to clients and won’t catch or keep attention. A great logo design will be simple enough that you can describe it in just a few words and bold enough that you can recognize it on a billboard when you’re cruising past at highway speed.

Make it Adaptable

Take a minute to think of all the places you’ll want to use your logo. Your website and business cards, maybe product packaging or T-shirts. Will the design look good when it’s broadcasted on a billboard or pulled up on an iPhone? Will it look good on screen or in print, in black and white or in color? Simplicity comes into play here- simple designs tend to look good in any size and on any media.

Make it Relevant

Choosing a design that appeals to your audience is a crucial part of finding the right logo for your business. For example, a pre-school will want a welcoming, playful design and a financial advisor will want to go with a design that feels trustworthy and grounded. Even if the most relevant option wouldn’t be your first personal choice, it will likely be the best choice for your business.

Make it Timeless

A timeless logo is classic, bold, and authentic to your business. You can test the timelessness of your logo by considering the other four elements. Is  your logo unique and memorable? Is it a simple design? Is it adaptable to different media? Is it relevant to your clientele? If your logo successfully emulates all of these different qualities, you’ve most likely found a logo that can stand up to the test of time as well.

Whether you’re re-thinking your business image or just starting a up new project, it’s a good idea to keep these elements in mind when choosing your final logo design.

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