I recently talked about some common types of mobile web design. But why is having a mobilized site so important for business today? Take a look at these four reasons you need to go mobile.

1. Your clients are mobile!

Do you have a smartphone? Chances are pretty high that your clients do too. The popularity of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices increases every year, and with it the percentages of mobile web traffic are climbing steadily. Mobile devices are now driving more than 50 percent of online traffic.

2. Mobile sites offer better user experience

It can frustrate anyone to have a great website experience on your laptop and then an equally terrible experience a few hours later when pulling up the same website on your smartphone. This is what user experience is all about- providing an easy and positive experience regardless of the device or browser used. A responsive, mobile friendly site that is capable of fulfilling all of your visitor’s needs is a necessary step towards providing the best user experience possible.

3. Mobile users have a higher shopping and interaction rate

Mobile users actually buy more! According a report done by Adobe Digital Marketing Insights, smartphone users tend to make very frequent purchases of lower priced items, while tablet and desktop users tend to make less frequent purchases of higher priced items. A mobilized site will allow you to tap into the higher shopping trends of mobile users.

4. Mobilized sites rank higher in google search results

Google has recently begun penalizing sites that are not mobilized by placing them lower in the list of search results!

“If your website is not mobile-friendly… Google is making plans to penalize your search rankings. All the valuable SEO your site has currently could be for naught if your site isn’t viewable on a mobile device. The reasoning for this update is simple. As the world moves to mobile and more and more of our lives occur in a handheld device, it is critical that websites are able to keep up. By rewarding those sites which are mobile friendly, Google is continuing to shape the digital landscape. ” Jessica Bowers Hopson, Inbound Marketing Blog

You can check the mobility of your site at google’s mobile friendly tester page.

If your site isn’t mobile – get started today on updating your site to be mobilized and responsive!

Check out this article on the google definition of mobile friendly sites for more reading!

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