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Brochures, catalogues, magazines and more provide a more in-depth and detailed description of your service and products.
Articles on the latest products you are offering, large photographs printed on high-quality paper to show off a travel package or the product information you need to suit your target audience, brochures give you more freedom and space to best represent your brand.
At Kwala Design we believe that getting the best out of producing a brochure comes down to the design.

Freeland Advertisement Designs

We are passionate about our ability to find you the ideal graphic designer and have them work closely with you to produce a brochure design. Our team will help you to include everything that you are looking to implement, such as: inserts, advertisements, photo paper, perforated pages and much more. The range of options that we can use to tailor our work at Kwala Design makes us a great choice for businesses who are searching for the best ways to improve their output.

How the perfect brochure design can attract and create new leads?

Our graphic designers at Kwala Design know exactly what you are looking for when creating a brochure: glossy and attractive pages personalised as you wish. We will work together to ensure that you have a brochure design which is ready to send to the printers and then distributed to your customers and clients.

A brochure that positively shows off your business, catches the eyes of readers and is shared across in your area will lead to a better representation of your brand, increase the reputation of your business and directly contribute to more sales and leads.

To start discussing a brochure design with our team at Kwala Design, speak with us today.

“Kwala is a great graphic design service! You get a dedicated graphic designer to work with solely. I like this because synergy between us and the designer is built over time. There has yet to be a design that we needed that our designer couldn’t accomplish. I highly recommend Kwala if you’re looking for a flat monthly fee graphic design service.”

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